Bay Ridge SAW mural completed

“Legal Aviary”  2015, acrylic paint on building façade

Bay Ridge SAW Installation
at Sichenze & Sichenze Law Office
7703 5th Avenue (at 77th St), Brooklyn NY
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Eagles dominate the raptor family in evolution and symbolism. Once endangered, they have recently made a historic resurgence, flourishing in the wild and recently returning to New York City after a lengthy hiatus. Their ubiquitous presence on our federal buildings and currency heralds the bravery and strength we identify as inherently American. Facing extinction in the middle of the twentieth century, Peregrine falcons are again flourishing in our metropolis. Native cliff dwellers, their graceful ferocity is distinctly suited to the vertical canyons of New York City. Their graceful resilience in our urbanity is a symbol of our own determination and courage. The Great Horned Owl’s large eyes and steady presence project wisdom and patience. The Owl’s conservation of motion and grandeur in attack combine for an enduring symbol of jurisprudence and scholarship. Placed above the doorways and windows of Sichenze & Sichenze, the center perch is occupied by a sculpted Eagle, originally purchased and installed by Andrew Sichenze. My intervention iinvolved painting a sky in each pediment, repainting the center eagle,  to the viewer’s right the painted Falcon, and to the left, the painted Owl, all executed in gold.